How do we book & pay?

In order to book us for your special date, all we need is for you to fill out our contract and pay an upfront 1/3 non refundable deposit of the total package cost. The final payments are due the week before the wedding.


What are your rates?

We try to keep our pricing and packaging simple. We have two packages which are the Highlight Film & the Extended Highlight Film. If you are interested in our pricing please visit the pricing page or feel free to contact us and we can address any queries.


Do I have to pose?

Capturing the natural moments and memories is what it's all about at a wedding, it's also nice to throw in a few poses here and there...but its not essential at all. The shots that blow you away are the organic honest moments of people being themselves and not realising their being filmed at all! 


Where will you travel?

Anywhere.......we love to travel.  It's always exciting to see and work in new places, from beach settings to the local footy club.


Will we meet before the wedding?

Defintely, we would love your input on what your looking for in your wedding film and also we want you to feel comfortable with us before making a decision about your big day.


Who chooses the music for the film?

To use music even on a wedding video, this actually requires a license to be legal. Using popular hits might be great but this could cost 4 - 5 figures to license.  There is some great talent out there producing excellent music that we can license and  this also ensures this soundtrack will be unique to yourself and your special day. I will search for music after shooting the wedding so we can find something that matches the mood and tones of your special day.


How soon will we receive the film & photos?

You can expect your film and/or photos within 8 - 12 weeks of the big day, we will send you a link to share on Facebook so all your friends and family can enjoy your big day like they were actually there. 


Do you use lighting? When do you use it?

Our cameras handle low light very well (We have 2 Fuji XT-3's & a Sony A7Sii), however extra lighting can help improve your picture. Generally the only time lighting is used is during the reception. Our style is to be as non-invasive as possible, and we are conscious of preserving the ambiance of the reception room.


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